Massage & Wellness Services at Duir Massage in Fridley, MN

Duir Massage in Fridley, MN

Therapies for Body

Therapeutic Massage

30-minute Therapeutic Massage ($30)
60-minute Therapeutic Massage ($60)
90-minute Therapeutic Massage ($90)

Mu-Xing – Heated Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage is a modern twist on an ancient healing form.   Bamboo sticks and Rosewood tools are heated and used to massage.   The heat from the bamboo helps penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and helps to relax them.  The cell walls of bamboo have silica in them, so just as quartz crystals can conduct energy by applying heat and pressure to bamboo, the bamboo sticks can also help to balance energy.  The heat from the bamboo is very relaxing while also providing a deep tissue massage that will help balance your energy.

30-minute Mu-Xing Heated Bamboo Massage ($40)
60-minute Mu-Xing Heated Bamboo Massage ($70)
90-minute Mu-Xing Heated Bamboo Massage ($100)


30-minute Reflexology ($35)
60-minute Reflexology ($60)

Massage & Wellness services at Duir

Therapies for Mind

Therapies for the Mind

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy is an aromatherapy treatment that combines essential oils and massage techniques to balance the Chakras, relieve stress, and soothe sore muscles. For a more in-depth Raindrop Therapy session this can be combined with therapeutic massage to address specific problem areas.

60-minute Raindrop Therapy ($70)
90-minute Raindrop Therapy & Massage ($100)

Zyto Aromatherapy Scan

Zyto Aromatherapy Scan with the Zyto Compass reads the Galvanic Skin responses and compares it to 76 different biomarks to make recommendations as to what supplements, essential oils, or combinations would be best for you. In this session you will receive a copy of the Zyto Scan, and we will review together. I then make recommendations using this information to provide essential oils blends from either the Young Living or Ananda Oils lines to best suite your specific needs (both physically and financially!).  If you do decide to purchase either an essential oil or custom blend, you will receive a $15 discount off the Zyto Scan.

30 minutes session ($25)

Therapies for Soul

Reiki & Celtic Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” over the areas of the body where energy flow/life force energy is imbalanced.  Eastern philosophy for healing is that any dis-ease in the body, mind or spirit is simply a disruption of energy flow or Chi and by balancing the energy flow you can bring the body back into balance and the body will then body, mind, and spirit will heal itself.   Celtic Reiki is one of many forms of Reiki (Energy healing).  Celtic Reiki uses the Ogham symbols which represent different trees and were originally used by the ancient Celts as a form of divination.  In Celtic Reiki, the Ogham symbols are used to channel specific tree energy to heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

30-minute Reiki Session ($30)
60-minute Reiki Session ($60)
90-minute Massage & Reiki Session ($100)

Therapies for the Soul