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About Holistic Gateway

Holistic Gateway was founded with the clear mission to serve, support and educate our clients and the broader community in the pursuit of holistic health care and wellness. By creating a safe environment, a Sanctuary connected to a network of holistic health care practitioners working in the community at large, to find the best-individualized solutions for you.

We are developing a broad range of educational resources. You will have access to inspiring and informative group education opportunities, as well as an extensive selection of articles on our holistic health blog. You are welcome to browse and borrow from our expanding library of books and DVDs which can be found in the community area at the center.

Our healing arts sanctuary is a safe and caring space where we will nurture dialogue and open-minded communication, and where you are invited to draw on the knowledge, expertise, intuition and creative intelligence of our network of practitioners and educators. If you have the knowledge to share, our group space holding up to 30 people can be rented hourly/ daily or for a whole weekend Seminar.

  • Cornelia Elsaesser, CCP
  • 763.807.9866
  • 1415 6th St NE, 2nd Floor, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, USA

Holistic Gateway

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