Welcome to Duir Massage – Your Gateway to Health and Happiness

Duir - the mighty Oak

A baby Oak (Duir) sprouting and bringing life.

Hello, my name is Cindy Miller and 10 years ago I discovered my true dream job, to help people by being a massage therapist. After years in the massage and wellness industry, I am opening my own business called “Duir Massage and Wellness – Your Gateway to Health and Happiness“. Duir is the Gaelic word for Oak and also is the root word for door or gateway. In Celtic Reiki, the energy of Duir is used to open the Charkas and helps to balance the energy. At Duir Massage, I will open the doors of health and happiness for you… you just need to walk through!

I’m starting small with a one-room office where I can offer services I specialize in, such as massage, Reiki, and aromatherapy. In the future, I plan on building my healing center slowly by offering smaller scale events highlighting different modalities, or the different aspects of healing, until I have the infrastructure to support a larger space. My goal is to expand my own healing center that will have multiple massage therapists (of course!), Reiki practitioners, nutritionists, acupuncturist, herbalism, and aromatherapy, just to name a few. Help support this vision on our GoFund Me page.

Beyond my background and training as a massage therapist, I additionally have a degree in Accounting from Mankato State University. I have several years of experience in the bookkeeping profession, as well as consulting for small businesses and new companies, and setting up and maintaining accounting systems, including expense tracking. While maintaining my bookkeeping clientele through a separate business – Mystic Bookkeeping.